Monday, April 06, 2009

Lunch at d'Cengkih

We had lunch at d'Cengkih, TTDI yesterday with my in-laws, SIL and family, Pak Ngah and family. The food was great, the service was fast but the iced drinks where quite bland(nevermind, new restaurant, can improve still). All in all I totally loved it. Oh by the way it's a Johor delicacy restaurant so you can get your Laksa Johor, Nasi Briyani Chicken or Lamb Mee Rebus Johor style.

The Family

Tengah merajuk. Like to see him bebek mulut.

Cute 'Aatikah! Hair growing longer!

Umairah is much bigger from the last time I saw her.

Where am I? Tukang ambik gambar teda sini.

The Food

Laksa Johor
Laksa Johor. Yummy!!!

Nasi Briyani Ayam
Left:Nasi Briyani Ayam(Chicken)
Right: Lamb dish(hubby's)
Upper right: Vege Dhal.


supermummy said...

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bZbee said...

you make me drool!!! jahat o ko kan....i want lamb!!!

angelsixteen said...

new place ke ? mcm cantik je. bes x ?

waahh...umaira's got such a lovely head of hair!

Sarah said...

supermummy: Thank you for your time visiting my blog. I'll surely check out your site for more info :)

bZbee: Yum yum...!!

angel16: It's like a kopitiam but johor style. Just buka last month. Makanan dia sedap, ada chance we all go there again. Except for the airrr!!! Imagine my bandung soda only had soda on the top part and then the bawah part like air biasa.

Umairah's hair is soooo lebat!!! Bergumpal2 hari tu tengok.

angelsixteen said...

ew xbesnye. nnt kte g bwk bekal air sdri la. hahaha.